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Good news, everyone! Futurama may finally be getting a mobile game worthy of the show expansive universe of comedy. Futurama is coming back! …as a mobile game. Yes, despite the animated series final finale airing back in 2013, the show is getting a brand new game for 2017 in... Read more
LG G6’s slim bezels get highlighted in latest leak. The latest LG G6 leak shows off the device next to last year’s G5. LG has previously stated that the G6 will feature a big screen in a small body, and it’s easy to see that from the image posted... Read more
Just about everything relies on some type of code nowadays. Cars are computerized; we use computers all day long, and we’re glued to our smartphones from sunup to sundown. Python is a major coding language for apps and it’s an excellent tool if you’re wanting to enter the field... Read more
Skype Lite is designed to work on slow cellular connections in India. After Facebook Lite and YouTube Lite (which is dubbed YouTube Go), it is now Microsoft’s turn to roll out a 2G-friendly version of Skype in India. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off the app at an event... Read more