Google App v7.3 Prepares to Add a Notification Listener Service to Intercept Notifications
Google App v7.3.16 beta is rolling out to users on the Play Store, and while our traditional APK teardown hasn’t revealed much information that we think is interesting, there is one feature that I thought would be worth sharing. Within the Android Manifest file are new strings that implement... Read more
Improve Your Productivity with Francisco Franco’s 5217 App, Now Available for Free!
According to a 2014 study featured on The Muse, a cycle comprised of 52 minutes of work followed by a 17 minute break is very efficient for productivity. Thus, to maximize productivity, frequent breaks throughout the day are recommended. This is the foundation of a popular app by XDA Recognized... Read more
Android OEMs rarely speak about their phones before the device launches officially, instead choosing to rely on cryptic marketing and advertisements to generate and maintain excitement for the unannounced product. So it is always a surprise to have an OEM violate this convention of remaining tight-lipped about future releases... Read more