23 New additions in Android Oreo

What ‘s New Android Oreo Android Oreo 8.0

an introduction

I have written a number of articles on the Android system update and before it more than in Windows Mobile since 2000 in a number of forums, areas of technology and in the means of communication, I can tell you that the world of Android is the most beautiful thing I wrote about it is a fast and fast world and hear you.
In every system update you find something specific that tells you this is new but, this is felt only by a crude Android user such as Nexus phones or pixel phones.
I know that there are dozens of new Android Oreo, but I will present it here in a simpler and I think it is nicer ^_^.



Android Oreo provides an update for key features of the system such as safety, multitasking, system boot speed, improved notifications, background applications restriction, autocomplete, emoji change, icons, video over applications, call and more …


1: 2x faster

The system boot speed at first run from zero and is completely closed is twice as fast as before.
** Do you have something to say if you are old in Android .. Do you remember the first company made this order Yes Htc, which provided rapid takeoff because the phone does not go to the total closure, but here is a bit different where it is due to programming and hardware update and do not underestimate the innovation HTC Time.



2: Background limits

Reduce applications that run in the background intelligently.
Today, Android knows this more than before, and I certainly commend Samsung here for being the first to introduce these ideas. This is because its battery in Note 5 was few and here is the first time we heard of restricting applications in the background at the time to avoid Power and pressure on ram.



3: Autofill

Auto-fill when needed as your name and e-mail settings are in the Chrome browser but will now be in more places this time.
** I agree with you that there are applications that offer this feature such as applications to save the secret code but it is ok to be part of the system.


4: Picture-in-Picture

An image in an image is the ability to watch a video over a particular application.
** This thing has been on Samsung phones for a long time and has become with Android Oreo after the last cooperation for ten years between Google and Samsung.



5: Notification Dots

A point notification means there is a point on the app to notify you of a particular update.
** The truth is this must be a long time ago and the best solution is to publish Nova.



6: Android Instant Apps

Now you can see a new application called Instant App. This is the idea that a part of the app will be loaded into your phone instead of being loaded in full. This is useful in viewing or using only what you want from the application instead of downloading all. Carry maps or even to experiment with the application.
** You may find this application within the applications and can not afford it it needs time.

7: Google Play Protect

A new project from Google to protect your phone through a daily check of the full applications in your phone which is part of the system and it will put you a mark in front of the applications approved in the Google Store as suitable for the new Google standards and takes more power on the phone to activate the top of the application where the phone android.com/find and application The Google Store is
Find My Device
This program is also responsible for your protection even in the browser Chrome or Gmail is a direct update via Google.
** This idea is different from the anti-virus in Android, this program powers beyond the addiction to the powers of routine or root system.

8: Battery life saver

Provide the highest in battery.
** To be more accurate this is obvious every update must offer this feature, but what makes it more powerful is not the system this time, but that the devices have become better processors and the way to deal with previous applications will also contribute.

9: Emoji

Emoji or emoticons more this time and were completely blown and the work of new forms 100%
** Currently there are more respectable codes for all religions and races such as the presence of veiled icons, Buddhist, brown or white are now more diverse.

10: Accessibility

The presence of the quick access option from the notification bar for accessibility menu, sound optimization.
** This list shows options for people with special needs such as font type and audio assistant for the blind and others.

11: Adaptive icons

Companies that adopt Android for their devices can now change the entire icon.
** Here is the icon, such as the phone icon, messages, email, and so on.

12: Ambient screen

In short, what Samsung has always called “on on mode” is to make the screen work for the clock, for example, or the weather is black.
13: Deep color
Top support for color such as customizing the application color even in the notification bar
** Yes Previously the app reads color but now it’s more advanced where the application reads even the colors of the image.

14: Downloadable fonts

Applications now can get their own line making their weight lighter and their shape more beautiful you will not need to take the shape of the original phone line.
** This reduces the chance of forcing the telephone line to be one in all applications, but for each application to determine its line.

15: Install unknown apps

Android will no longer allow any application to be loaded without permission more than once
** The system will have higher powers on off-store applications.

16: Integrated printing support

Now Android supports 97% of the world’s certified printers.

17: Notification categories

Top ranking for top notification bar.

18: Notification snoozing

The alarm can now be hidden for a certain period.
** When you drag on the alarm will give you this feature.

19: Pointer capture

Any application can now recognize the mouse pointer.
** The tablet is useful, for example.

20: Project Treble

Project from Google brings faster updates to phones via separation of idea where security updates and fixes are on their own
** His idea is to separate the operating system from companies where the Android update will be completely separate from the corporate interface.

21: TextView autosizing

Android today can keep up with the shape of the font on any screen where developers can make the font type open so it can fit any screen or any size.
** Can also help tablet and laptop.

22: Tooltips

A small window that describes the menus and even the phone application.
** Often this feature for notifications over application, menus or when you contact the application will give you the advantage that it is above applications.

23: Wi-Fi Assistant

You can now connect to a virtual private Wi-Fi or so-called VPN from Google automatically.
** This is useful in China, for example.
There are also additional features for developers such as API, C ++, and more.
It also adopts a new programming language, kotlin.

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