Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium to fuel iPhone 8 with wireless charging rumours

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium and will be working to further the adoption of Qi wireless charging standard. That means, Apple would be including the wireless charging feature in its upcoming line of products – iPhones, Watch, and iPads.

Last week, we reported about Apple’s next iPhones to feature wireless charging option, especially the iPhone 8. Of course, with Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium, the Apple products will be made compatible with open standards based on the Qi technology for wireless charging.

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Though Apple has offered wireless charging for two years with its Watch, it needs to adopt a more open standard to make the next iPhones widely compatible. However, we estimate that only the iPhone 8 will get the wireless charging feature. There will be a variant and an additional set of charges to enjoy a cable-free charging.

Apple confirmed joining the Wireless Power Consortium in a statement:

Apple is an active member of many standards development organisations, as both a leader and contributor. Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards. We look forward to working together with the WPC and its members.

The next iPhone may integrate inductive wireless charging capabilities and would require a charging pad. Quite similar to a solution Samsung offers for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

The Qi technology’s latest iteration allows juicing five hours worth of battery life in just five minutes.

Apple does hold a patent covering inductive charging for Watch and iPhone. The patent hints at Apple’s effort of building its in-house inductive charging solutions for its future line of products. Now, Apple aims to make it more open and compatible with the existing Qi charging standard.

We would like to see all next iPhones getting the inductive charging support. However, Apple might limit it to just one model and offer it as a costly variant.

[Source: Business Insider]

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