Apple Still Leads the U.S Smartphone Industry with a Market Share of 30 Percent: Report


As per a new report from Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, the total smartphone shipments in the U.S have dropped in Q3. The analysts attribute the drop to slow market and customers and “mixed demands for the new iPhones”. The US smartphone market registered a shipment of 39.5 million units in Q3 2017 as opposed to 40.1 million units in Q3 2016.


This is what Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, “We estimate Apple shipped 12.0 million iPhones for 30 percent market share in the US in Q3 2017, dipping from 13.0 million units and 32 percent share in Q3 2016. Demand for the new iPhone 8 portfolio was mixed, while some Apple fans delayed purchases in anticipation of the later introduction of iPhone X. Samsung shipped 9.9 million smartphones for 25 percent share in the US in Q3 2017, up slightly from 24 percent a year ago. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 performed relatively well in the high-tier, while its A5 model and others are popular in the mid-tier.”

The Leaderboard


Once again Apple has retained the topmost position when it comes to smartphone shipment and market share in the U.S market. ZTE has once again figured on the leaderboard with a marginal increase in its market share. Apple leads the markets with 30.4% market share while the Samsung trails behind with 25.1 percent. While Samsung has registered a slight increase in margin from last year and that’s probably because consumers were waiting for the iPhone X.


LG has performed consistently and is ranked third with a market share of 17.2 percent while the ZTE and Motorola are ranked at fourth and fifth place respectively. It is interesting to see that Motorola has nearly doubled its market share to 5.2 percent but it still needs to catch up with ZTE. In all likelihood, the tables are expected to turn once new entrants like Xiaomi make it to the U.S market.

Apple Vs Samsung

Samsung and Apple have been at loggerheads for the past few years when it comes to highest market share in the U.S market. Despite the new launches Samsung managed to ship an estimated 9.9 million devices in the U.S for Q3 2017 while Apple managed to ship 12-Million iPhones. That said the quarterly results tend to vary slightly based on the smartphone release cycle and the market dynamics but Samsung still has a long way before it beats Apple in the U.S market.

The Numero Due Position

Once again the U.S market has given way to the Indian smartphone market in Q3 2017. According to Canalys, India is the second largest smartphone market worldwide with a shipment of over 40-Million units. Other striking difference between the Indian and the U.S smartphone market share is that the four out of the top five rank goes to Chinese manufacturers (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Lenovo).

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