AT&T unlimited data plan will be available to everyone starting February 17

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And now it’s AT&T’s turn to make an unlimited data plan announcement.

AT&T says that starting tomorrow, February 17, its Unlimited Plan will be available to all customers. The plan will include unlimited data, talk, and text, and customers with the plan will also be able to travel to Canada or Mexico and use their plan just as they would at home, with zero roaming charges.

AT&T’s Unlimited Plan also includes Stream Saver, which will optimize video streams to 480p. However, Stream Saver can be disabled if you’d like.

One feature that’s missing from AT&T’s Unlimited Plan is mobile hotspot usage, which is notable because the unlimited plans from the other three major US carriers do include some mobile hotspot usage.

Finally, it’s worth noting that after 22GB of usage, AT&T Unlimited Plan customers may have their speeds slowed during times of network congestion. This policy is also in place at the other three major US carriers, with Verizon’s threshold being 22GB, Sprint’s 23GB, and T-Mobile’s 26GB.

A single line on the AT&T Unlimited Plan will cost $100 per month. Each additional line will cost $40, but AT&T will offer the fourth line free, making the cost for a family of four $180 per month.

AT&T has actually been offering an unlimited plan for more than one year now, but you’ve only been able to sign up if you’re also a DirecTV customer. After the launch of Verizon’s unlimited data plan and T-Mobile and Sprint’s unlimited data plan updates, though, AT&T has decided to make its unlimited data plan available to all, which is a welcome sight.

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