Awesome cooking apps to make your Super Bowl snacks amazing

Yummly Recipe & Shopping List

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Yummly is easily the best cooking app out there, especially when it comes to finding something great for Super Bowl Sunday. Filled to the brim with recipes, Yummly really shines by giving you tons of options for searching for recipes, including vegetarian-only options and the ability to filter recipes based on your dietary restrictions.

After you search and find that perfect recipe it delivers all the details, from what the ingredients you’ll need to step by step instructions on how to make it, to pictures of the finished product. Another huge perk of using Yummly is that it helps you organize your shopping needs based on the recipes you plan to make. From the recipe page you can save all of the ingredients to a shopping list, which is synced across all your devices provided you are signed into Yummly, and also organizes your shopping list so it’s quick and easy to grab what you need when you stop at the supermarket on the way home from work.

Bottom line: Yummly gives you the power to find the exact type of recipe you are looking for, and helps to make sure that you never forget a single ingredient when you are at the market.

One more thing: There are dozens of recipes uploaded by other users specifically for the Super Bowl.

Why Yummly is the best

Yummly delivers a great system that lets you filter and find the perfect recipe, as well as making sure you have a shopping list with each ingredient on it.

While there are plenty of apps out there that can help you find a great snack for the Super Bowl, few do it nearly as well as Yummly does. Their selection of recipes is seriously impressive with over one million recipes, and handy options for filtering your search to meet your needs. You can filter each search by dietary preferences, nutrition, tastes, techniques, prep time and more. You can also search for recipes related to events — right now there are over 11 thousand Super Bowl recipes available for you to browse through.

When you find the recipe that you never knew you needed, you also have the ability to save it. You can save as many recipes as you’d like, and separate them into collections. This makes it easy to save recipes for later and then easily find them when you’re ready to prepare them.

If you’re already prepared to head out to the grocery store, then you can add the items you need for a recipe to a shopping list. Yummly automatically separates every ingredient on the list by type or aisle, so that your trip to the store is as stress free as possible.

Best for the last minute

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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Let’s face it: life is busy and full of distractions, and small catastrophes can throw all of your plans out of whack. If you’re panicking that the Super Bowl is only days away and you don’t think you’ll have time for a proper trip to the grocery store, that’s the exact situation Allrecipes Dinner Spinner was designed for.

While Dinner Spinner gives you access to the massive library of recipes found at, it can also help you discover recipes using only the ingredients already in your kitchen. Usd the Dinner Spinner feature in the app to find recipes using specific ingredients, cooking time, or the type of dish you’re looking for. It isn’t perfect, but it is a great way to get ideas for something you can throw together in a pinch, without having to spend much time searching through recipes.

Bottom line: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is handy for finding a brand new recipe, or just figuring out what you can do with ingredients that you already have on hand.

One more thing: When you find the recipes that you can’t bear to lose, then just favorite them. There on out, they will live in your favorites folder and are easy to find in a pinch.

Best for sharing


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Social media and sharing every aspect of our lives has become ingrained behavior for many people. If you’re the type who likes to share recipes already, or you’re looking for recipes with a more personal touch, then Cookpad is where it’s at. While Cookpad has a sizeable library of recipes with plenty of options to filter searches, it’s way more than that.

Cookpad actually functions as it’s own social media platform, revolving entirely around food. You can share your own recipes, see what your friends are experimenting with, and discover recipes that don’t seem as manufactured as those found elsewhere. There is even a location feature that allows you to see what people in your area are cooking up for themselves. You can even search out recipes for specific occasions — and that definitely includes the Super Bowl.

There is even a chat function, which allows you to privately chat with other users or create a group. If you’ve decided to roll with a potluck Super Bowl, the chat is a great way to easily discuss what everyone is bringing to the game. Especially since you can swipe between searching out the recipe you’re looking for and your conversation.

Bottom line: Cookpad offers a full social experience for your culinary adventures, with plenty of features, and occasion specific recipes.

One more thing: Cookpad is available in 8 different languages making it accessible for anyone who does not read English.

Best from TV

Food Network in the Kitchen

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There are plenty of folks out there that find new recipes or improve their skills in the kitchen by watching the Food Network on TV. If you missed part of an episode, or you’re trying to find a specific recipe you saw made on a show, then their app is most definitely the place to check out.

You can filter your recipes search for recipes by celebrity chef, type, event and even cooking difficulty to find something new. If you’re looking for something from a specific chef or show, you can also find recipes that way. Some of them may have video accompaniment, and there are new recipes added each month.

Bottom line: Food Network in the Kitchen delivers tons of great recipes from your favorite cooking shows. They also deliver tons of unique recipes you would have never considered, which will help you to deliver excellent food for guests at your Super Bowl party.

One more thing: If you aren’t a pro, don’t be worried. Each recipe comes with a difficulty level so that you can be prepared for whatever dish you are cooking up and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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