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When most people talk about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs, they’re almost always focusing on the company’s CPUs and GPUs that are put into the chips. What a lot of people don’t think about is all of the extra components that actually make it a system-on-a-chip. This includes a modem, a DPS, display... Read more
Honor V9 Announced In China With 5.7″ QHD Screen, Kirin 960, and 12MP Dual-cameras
Huawei’s side-brand Honor has launched a new smartphone in China, the Honor V9. Honor is known for offering great bang-for-buck in its devices and the Honor V9 is not an exception: their latest flagship packs pretty impressive specifications while still maintaining a competitive price point. The device comes in... Read more
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has not been shy when it comes to leaks this year. Even though the Galaxy Tab S3 is said to be launched first, we’ve seen more rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8. We’ve heard about its 5.7″ display for the “smaller” size variant, then saw some images... Read more
Back in CES 2016, Samsung announced a new tablet called the TabPro S. This wasn’t like the company’s traditional tablets that run Android though. Instead, it is a 2-in-1 tablet PC that runs a full version of Windows 10 on it. These 2-in-1 tablets are actually where a lot... Read more