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How time flies! As if it was yesterday when we finished our 2016 edition of “What to expect from Google I/O” and it’s already time to see what the Big G has in store for us in 2017. But we are not complaining – we are always curious to... Read more
Linux CLI Launcher Transforms Your Home Screen Into A Terminal
The Google Play Store features many launchers of all kinds ready to make your life easier. Whether it’s Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, or Evie Launcher, there are a ton of third-party launchers out there for you to try out. At the base level, though, these launchers start out thematically... Read more
T-Mobile spent upwards of $8 billion to purchase 45% of the available 600MHz spectrum earlier this month during an auction for the available spectrum. The company has since been tight-lipped over how it would be utilizing these new airwaves to enhance its network. But recently, the company has hinted... Read more
1. Voice search with the screen locked Few users know this trick: some Android smartphones let you voice search by saying “OK Google” even when the screen is off! Unfortunately, only mobiles with a voice detection system enabled are able to carry out this function. Verify your Google voice... Read more