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Smart Home & Home Automation Protocols Guide: Creating Your IoT Paradise
Smart home popularity has risen substantially over the past few years, and even the past few months. CES 2017 set the scene for another small explosion of these devices as Apple, Google, and Amazon all expanded their smart home ecosytems – albeit at different rates – with Amazon’s Alexa assistant... Read more
Double Tap to Fast-Forward Rolling Out to YouTube App on Android
Some of my biggest personal pet peeves with the official YouTube app is the inability to set the video playback speed (to plow through slowew instructional videos) and the inability to skip short sections of the video to avoid irrelevant information. Although you can use the seekbar to jump... Read more
Google Play Revenue Grew 82% in Q4 2016 YoY; Line and Tinder Dominate Revenue Charts
Apps on our smartphones are essential ingredients of what makes our phones smart in the first place.  Apps and App Stores are big money too. The sheer popularity and usage of smartphones and applications have driven up our needs and as a result, the revenue streams of people involved... Read more