The HTC U11 compared to its rivals: is it the king of the top-range smartphones?
Design and build quality: The Galaxy S8 is almost untouchable In recent years, HTC hasn’t really stood out for their originality in terms of design. The HTC U11 is no exception to this rule. However, the smartphone is far from ugly – to the contrary, in fact. Understated and made... Read more
Qualcomm wants virtual reality and augmented reality to succeed more than anyone, since it will supply the chips that power the hardware behind “extended reality,” delivered by ordinary-looking glasses that can deliver either virtual reality or augmented reality applications. But Tim Leland, vice president of product management at Qualcomm,... Read more
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Has the HTC U11 made the U Ultra obsolete already?
The HTC U11 has just been unveiled and it’s looking to offer some formidable competition to flagships that have already been announced in 2017. However, HTC has put itself in a bit of a strange situation this year, whereby the launch of this latest flagship is stepping right on the... Read more