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TWRP port now available for the HTC U Ultra
Pre-orders for the HTC U Ultra don’t even start shipping in the U.S. until March, but TWRP is already available for the device. However, it’s not an official TWRP version but a beta ported over by recognized XDA Developer @Captain_Throwback. As such, there are no guarantees that the custom... Read more
While HTC is still floundering in the mobile market these days, some would say the company released the best VR headset available in April of last year. The HTC Vive was certainly a surprising success. When the Oculus Rift failed to live up to its hype, the Vive managed... Read more
HTC has said that it plans to release fewer phones in 2017, and this week the company shed a bit more light on how it’ll accomplish that. During its Q4 2016 earnings call, HTC revealed that it will ditch the entry-level phone market and focus on high-margin devices. Any... Read more
HTC Posts Q4 2016 Financial Results with $116.7 Million Operating Loss
HTC has disclosed its financial results for the last quarter of 2016, and its dry run continues for yet another quarter. Revenue stagnated for this quarter compared to the last, and when compared to the last year, revenue streams declined significantly for the Taiwanese company. Quarterly revenue of the company... Read more