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Due to some production limitations of the Snapdragon 835 this early in the year, a lot of the smartphones showcased at MWC 2017 were using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 SoC. Many were upset at the news that LG’s main flagship of the year would be using an SoC from last... Read more
When Lenovo first acquired Motorola from Google, the company said they were proud of what Motorola had been able to achieve over the years. Lenovo said they didn’t want to mess with the inner workings of Motorola and just wanted to introduce them into markets around the world where... Read more
Motorola’s Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone” Moto Mods finalists
Just under a month ago, Motorola announced some of the Moto Mods finalists from their Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone” campaign. At that time, only 12 developers had their campaigns live on Indiegogo, and now that number has grown to 39. As mentioned in our previous write-up, finalists have received... Read more
Motorola is Back to Embracing the Name “Motorola” Again
Remember at last year’s CES when Lenovo confusingly tried to tell the world that it was phasing out the Motorola name as it moved towards “Moto by Lenovo” branded phones? Yeah, well, Lenovo (and Motorola) has decided that that was probably a mistake and is now willing to re-embrace... Read more