Pinterest starts using deep learning to recommend Related Pins
Pinterest today is announcing that it’s now using a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning to recommend Related Pins, one of the most important features of its app for saving images and other content to boards. Related Pins, which appear below pins on Pinterest’s web and mobile apps,... Read more
Why Intel is excited about self-driving cars
There was a time when computer chip makers had no interest in car electronics. But times have changed as self-driving cars and the artificial intelligence used to pilot them have taken off. Now those cars are set to consume a huge amount of computing power and generate a ton... Read more
Spoilers are everywhere but “Game of Thrones'” are highly significant and reports confirmed its biggest reveals. Source: itechpost Read more
The backs of the eyeballs of astronauts are starting to flatten especially when they have too much space travels. Their vision goes blurry, their optic nerves become inflamed, and the damage can last long after they return to Earth. Source: itechpost Read more