Facebook will pay $122 million in fines to the E.U.
The social media giant was handed a 110 million euro fine from EU antitrust regulators for giving misleading information during the vetting of its deal to acquire messaging service WhatsApp in 2014. (Reuters) Facebook will pay $122 million in fines to the European Union, over charges that it misled... Read more
Elon Musk is infamous for claiming to work up to 100 hours a week — and certainly, with everything he’s up to, it’s not totally unrealistic to believe that might be true. But it’s certainly unreasonable to expect employees to operate the same way — and it looks like... Read more
Uber is testing a pilot program that expands injury protection insurance to drivers. Uber Uber will now charge passengers five more cents-per-mile in eight US states. Why? To help pay for the cost of an injury protection insurance pilot program for drivers, according to Pennsylvania news site PennLive. The... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S8’s self-support tech will boost mobile pay use
Payments, payment technology and mobile commerce are another growing use of smartphone devices. Although there’s been little focus on the use of payments with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 thus far, as time goes by it is expected that an increasing number of customers will rely on digital self-support... Read more