Sony shows off a riveting new scene of zombie survival game Days Gone
Sony showed off another hair-raising scene from zombie survival game Days Gone. Days Gone made a big impression on me last year. The developers at Bend Studios showed a scene last year that introduced Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter in the days after a virus outbreak... Read more
PlayStation Video expands its reach to Android TV
As the E3 2017 video game trade show gets underway this week in Los Angeles, there will almost certainly be a number of new game titles announced for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. As it turns out, the company is also quietly expanding the reach of its PlayStation Video service... Read more
Xperia XZ Premium Launched in India at Rs 59,990
  Xperia XZ Premium was first announced in January this year and now Sony has launched the premium smartphone in India. It is apparently the first phone to come equipped with a 4K HDR display. Design wise the Xperia XZ Premium looks apart as opposed to the other premium... Read more
Sony Refreshes its Digital Paper Tablet with a Better Display and Improved Touch Interface
  Sony’s 13-inch Digital Paper Tablet has been a pretty low profile product, in fact, I was reminded of its presence only now after Sony decided to upgrade the same. The DPT-RP1 (damn the naming!) is an upgrade for the DPTS1 and the changes include an updated display along... Read more