Facebook E Marketing Strategy: How to Start a Fan Page on Facebook

Just recently Facebook passed the magnificent goal of hitting over 500 Million users. According to Nielsen Wire, the average amount of time per person spent per month on Facebook is over 7 hours. This amount continues to grow. Actually, research also suggests that people spend three times more time on Facebook than they do Google. What does this mean for your business? Obviously, that if you are not on Facebook, you need to be. What are you waiting for? You need to have your own Facebook e Marketing strategy in place by having your own business fan page. The purpose of this article is to explain to you how to start a fan page on Facebook.

Actually starting a fan page on Facebook is rather simple. But before, I begin to even explain to you the process. I want you to do something very critical, which is called benchmarking. By doing some research on what your competitors are doing on Facebook and their fan pages, you will be more prepared and well equipped to know what to do with your business’s page. Look at their page and see what type of comments are they posting to their wall, what type of images, videos, and discussions are they posting. Do they sell any products on their page? Do they have a opt in box for their fans to subscribe to for a free newsletter? Do they have a customized welcome tab? All of these are great things to have on a Facebook fan page and are important in knowing whether or not your competitors have and how they portray them.

For your Facebook e Marketing strategy, consider whether or not you want your business page tied into your personal profile. You can start a fan page on Facebook off of your personal profile or you can have totally exclusive from your personal profile. It is really up to you as well as what type of business you have. For example, many sole proprietors will have a page that starts off of their personal profile, because they are their brand and they want their fans to know what goes on in their personal lives. This makes them build that trust factor with others. However, a larger company like Target would not want to be started off of their CEOs main personal profile. This would not look very good. And, there is no reason why anyone would need to know what is going on in the personal life of the CEO in order for them to shop at Target.

Once you have decided whether or not you want to be associated with your business’s page, now you need to know how to start a fan page on Facebook. The following are four simple steps to get your business’s own fan page started today!

1. Go to Facebook.com/Pages

2. Fill in the information under Official Page.

3. Check the box next to where it states that you are the official representative of your business and have the right to create the page.

4. Click on Create official page

Congrats. You have just started your business’s official Facebook fan page.

In another article, we will discuss how to actually create it using different applications and such. You will also be able to start uploading images, creating discussions, posting status updates and other important information that reflects your business’s brand.

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