Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s newest mobile game, launches on Android and iOS

After ignoring the smartphone gaming market for years, Nintendo has now released its second mobile game in the span of a few months.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on Android and iOS. Fire Emblem is a strategy role-playing game (RPG) series, meaning that it’s quite a bit different than the Super Mario Run game that launched last December.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, you engage in turn-based battles that’ve been optimized for a smartphone screen. That includes touch and drag controls and the ability to attack an enemy by swiping over it. The game includes a main story mode with characters from other Fire Emblem games as woo as a training tower to practice your skills and earn experience points as well as Arena Duels that’ll let you fight other players from around the world.

Fire Emblem Heroes screenshots

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free download, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the game requires internet connectivity to play.

It’s great to see another Nintendo game launching on mobile devices, and the release is made even better by the fact that Fire Emblem Heroes is hitting Android and iOS on the same day, unlike Super Mario Run and its months-long delay between iOS and Android launches.

Fire Emblem Heroes is quite a bit different than Super Mario Run, but its strategy and RPG elements could help it appeal to folks that didn’t care for Super Mario Run. If you’ve got any interest in RPGs, you may want to give Fire Emblem Heroes a go.


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