Free Samsung Galaxy S8 for Samsung Note 7 Owners ?

Samsung has recently faced failure in their new elite smartphone Samsung galaxy note 7. They had to recall the device as it was catching fire, they ended up recalling 2.5 million units, the company did not only face loss of their goodwill but also delayed their production of Samsung galaxy s8.

Coming on to the compensations that Samsung will be paying to the customers who faced the fire catching problem in the Samsung galaxy note 7.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-Recall Free Samsung Galaxy S8 for Samsung Note 7 Owners ?

Free Samsung Galaxy S8 for Samsung Note 7 Owners ?

The company assured to provide them with good amount of discounts when they buy Samsung products in future or may be provide free samsung galaxy s8 device too. The report says that Samsung has allowed the customers to exchange their Samsung galaxy note 7 with any of their other devices.

Although the recent report says that the Korean company is planning to exchange the galaxy note 7 with their upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung galaxy s8 without charging them any charges or paying some nominal amount.

According to the report this scheme is only for those who opted to exchange their galaxy note 7 with Samsung galaxy s7 or s7 edge. They can get the new Samsung galaxy s8 smartphone for free.

It even depends that if the customer has exchanged the phone for the first of the second time.

The new compensation program is designed for the loyal customers who exchanged their defected Samsung galaxy note 7 with other Samsung galaxy phones, they will be getting a reward of paying zero nominal cost for the Samsung galaxy s8 which will be launched in the coming year of 2017 according to the Samsungs report given out to be to the people.

However the big claims and promises made by the two Samsung and the South Korean company are difficult to be matched.

To get the appropriate data of the people who exchanged the Samsung galaxy note 7 with any other Samsung flagship device is a big task.

How many of these things will turn out to be true and appropriate is hard to say anything right now, we as users have to just wait for the company to justify the compensation claims they have made in their recent report of giving them the new Samsung flagship smartphone galaxy s8 in the coming year by paying zero nominal cost.

But the talk about is yet a mystery and until the company gives out any official report about the compensation to be given and the details of the Samsung galaxy s8 the owners of the Samsung galaxy note 7 are stuck in between waiting for a proper judgment, I hope Samsung justify the wait of their loyal customers who own a Samsung galaxy note 7 and give them back the deserving compensation as they have already been through a lot lately because of the fire catching handsets and the recall procedure and waiting long for the judgment will even torture them, cause phone is an essential part of everyone’s life and waiting till 2017 for absolutely no proper compensation will be even more hard.

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