Galaxy S8 on-screen buttons may be customizable

Just a week ago, we got something of a first look at the new on-screen buttons that have been rumored to arrive on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Well, now, we’re getting word that the Galaxy S8 on-screen buttons may be customizable, allowing users to change them to fit their liking.

Android Police, a credible site regarding leaks of Google’s Nexus (and now Pixel) line, among other things, says that a new photo making the rounds is showing that the on-screen navigation buttons on a phone presumed to be the Galaxy S8 have different arrangements on two different models. One Galaxy S8 photo shows the back key on the left, while another photo shows the back key on the right in its usual location (the back capacitive key is on the right on recent devices such as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge).

Galaxy S8 on-screen buttons reverse

Galaxy S8 on-screen buttons in reverse 2

Now, we want to make it clear: nothing has been confirmed as of yet. The most we have to go on are the photos showing the different software key configurations; that’s it. As for customizable navigation buttons, though, Samsung won’t be the first Android OEM to do it. LG, for example, offers the same functionality on recent devices such as the LG G5 and LG V20 (LG even provides a notification drop-down key so that you don’t have to manually pull down the notification shade yourself).

We’ll see where this rumor goes, but for now, as with everything else that isn’t confirmed from the company’s mouth, take it all with a grain of salt.

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