Galaxy Tab S3 manual leaks, showing Android Nougat, Grace UX, and Note-like ambition

The Galaxy Tab S3 has already leaked with the S Pen beside it, informing us that Samsung intends to bring some sort of S Pen integration to its upcoming tablet, but a new manual leaked today shows that the S Pen will be more than just a writing accessory: it, too, will see integration with the Tab S3 — indicating that the Tab S3 will be nothing short of a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet replacement.

New screenshots leaked from the Galaxy Tab S3 manual showing the design, UX, and some features Samsung looks to bring to the upcoming tablet. First, there will be 2 speakers on the bottom and 2 up top — 4 speakers total, providing better sound than in days past. Samsung looks to bring USB Type-C to the Tab S3, the new standard after micro-USB that arrived with the now-deceased Galaxy Note 7 last Fall. Nougat will make its appearance here, not surprising considering that Google announced the update with its Pixel and Pixel XL a few months ago.

The home button that has been leaked with Samsung’s own press invite can be found here – so yes, despite the move Samsung is making with the Galaxy S8, the Tab S3 will retain the home button/fingerprint sensor setup that graced the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy Note 7, not to mention the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and last year’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Tab S3 design front
Tab S3 design back
Tab S3 Grace UX 1
Tab S3 Grace UX 2
Tab S3 Secure Folder
Tab S3 S Pen
Tab S3 Screen off Memo
Tab S3 Air Command
Tab S3 Settings

Secure Folder, Screen off memo, Air command, and the Grace UX found on the most perfect productivity phablet will also make their way here as well. Secure Folder, as you may remember, graced us first on the Galaxy Note 7 before the smartphone’s final recall. As for the S Pen, Samsung has given it an S Pen clip, presumably to allow users to clip it onto the side of the device for safe keeping. Of course, we’d like to see Samsung create a placement slot for it in future models.

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy Tab S3 on February 26th.

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