HTC to Release a Mobile VR Product in 2017

While HTC is still floundering in the mobile market these days, some would say the company released the best VR headset available in April of last year. The HTC Vive was certainly a surprising success. When the Oculus Rift failed to live up to its hype, the Vive managed to make a lot of VR enthusiasts very happy. The biggest complaint I’ve seen with the Vive though is its setup process, and needing to be tethered to all of those wires that connect to it.

So while the Vive easily provides a higher quality experience, we’re seeing mobile VR headsets like the Gear VR and Daydream View offer portability. The company also acknowledges the price barrier that the Vive has when compared to these mobile VR solutions. HTC is aware of these differences and the company has officially said they’ll be releasing a mobile VR headset before the end of this year. Apparently, this product will not just be “a phone slapped onto a headset” either.

However, HTC did say the device will be compatible with their latest flagship product, the HTC U Ultra. So it seems clear that it will be a headset that you put a phone into, but there will likely be additional components built into it. HTC’s President of Global Sales, Chia-lin Chang, didn’t go into further details about what type of platform the device will use though. So we don’t know if it will be used in conjunction with the company’s current VR software, or if it will simply be a Daydream compatible device.

They did say we would learn more about this product “in the coming months,” and also touched on the work they’re doing to find ways to draw you into the VR market. Specifically, they believe focusing on an ecosystem that will enable content creators to produce their immersive experiences.

Source: CNET

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