Instagram’s Latest Feature is Poll Stickers for the Stories


Instagram has evolved into a self-contained social media platform as opposed to the barebones features it offered during the initial builds. We have seen Instagram adding Stories, better controls overfeed and commands along with other useful features. The latest feature to make it onboard is a “poll” sticker.


The Poll sticker is similar to adding the other stickers but the only difference is that it’s interactive. Yes, the viewers can answer to your polls via the sticker that presents them with two options, yes and no. Needless to say, you will be able to check the vote counts on that particular picture by opening the viewer’s list. That’s, not all the poll result details lets you see who voted and also their votes.


Along with the new poll stickers, Instagram is also adding an eyedropper tool that will let you pick colors from the picture and use it on text and brushes. Yet another addition is an alignment tool (only for iOS) that will help you in making sure that the stickers are properly aligned on your pictures.


The Poll Stickers can be super useful when you want to ask friends about the new dress you are wearing or even other things like a party venue. The Poll results will only be available for Instagram stories and the voters will also be able to see the result when they open the story for the second time. Instagram has added plenty of features in the recent past, it has implemented the Snap Chat inspired stories, live streaming and also made changes to the algorithm.

While there is no dearth of polling apps implementing the same in a social media platform will add a different dimension. Most of us turn to friends and family to ask opinions for different things and with Instagram you can do this visually. Both the features are already available on the latest Instagram update.

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