Intel’s new processors featuring AMD’s graphics leaks through GFXBench

The upcoming laptop processors from Intel featuring AMD graphics have been leaked during benchmarking through the famous benchmarking website GFXBench. Two processors have been leaked, namely, the Intel Core i7-8705G and Core i7-8809G. Both the processors have four cores, and they are based on the Kaby Lake architecture. However, as they come with AMD’s GPU, they are known as Kaby Lake G processors.

The Intel Core i7-8705G is the lower specced version. Whereas, the Core i7-8809G is the higher specced version, which according to TweakTown, has 3.3 TFLOPS of graphics performance. Now that is some serious amount of power. Still, it will only be enough to run games at a maximum of QHD resolution that too without the settings maxed-out. That said, the Kaby Lake H processors can eliminate the need for a graphics card in low-end gaming laptops, which will give the laptops a compact footprint as well as better battery backup. The integrated graphics processor will also make the construction of laptops a bit less complex, leading to a lower cost of production, thereby making the gaming laptop more affordable to the customers. However, It is to be seen how these new processors will perform in the real world.

The Kaby Lake processors are the predecessors to the latest Coffee Lake processors. Therefore, it is clear that these won’t be the flagships laptop processors from Intel. There have also been reports on the Coffee Lake processors featuring AMD graphics, which will be known as the Coffee Lake H processors. We assume that the Coffee Lake H processors will be the flagships high-performance graphics-integrated laptop processors from Intel for the year 2018.

The Kaby Lake G, as well as the Coffee Lake H processors, will be based on 14nm architecture. Apart from the Kaby Lake and the Coffee Lake, Intel’s 10nm based Canon Lake processors are set to go on sale in early 2018. Lately, Intel has been in a bit of trouble due to the launch of the AMD Ryzen processors, which have been proved to have better value for money factor than the Intel processors.


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