iPhone 8 Plus Displays Are Popping-Out, Literally

iPhone 8 line-up could have been the most sought-after handsets in a dimension where iPhone X did not exist. Unfortunately for the duo, the iPhone X is real and so is Samsung’s gorgeous Galaxy S8. However, that’s not the biggest concern for the iPhone 8 series at this point. What could be giving sleepless nights to Apple’s engineering team are the reports of battery swelling in the iPhone 8 Plus.

Not that the batteries are exploding like of the Galaxy Note 7, but swollen batteries are making Apple look bad nonetheless. The first report comes from Taiwan, where a woman claims that her iPhone 8 Plus’ display burst open due to a deformed battery.

Across the sea, a customer from the land of the rising sun tweeted a picture of his iPhone 8 Plus with a display popped open. According to him, the phone’s screen was already popped when he opened a brand new box. He shared the images of his iPhone over Twitter.

The third instance comes from Hong Kong, where Mr Lin (if machine translation is to be believed) bought the iPhone 8 on September 22. Come September 28, and his phone’s display detached from the body.

The reason behind this could be faulty batteries. It is said that Apple sources these batteries from LG Chem and Samsung SDI. The latter is known for the Note 7 fiasco. We also can’t rule out the possibility of a minor manufacturing defect involving weak adhesive.

Thankfully, the Cupertino-based company has acknowledged the issue. Apple spokeswoman told MacRumors that “We are aware and are looking into it,”

iPhone 8 owners need not panic yet, as three faulty devices out of the millions of iPhone 8 sold so far, is not really a cause for concern. However, if you own an iPhone 8 and see any signs of swelling, stop using it, and contact Apple Care right away.

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