iPhone 8 Release date, Specifications, Price, Rumors and News

This would be fascinating to know about iPhone 8 release date and features right now. The iPhone actually stands for “Interactive Phone”. After the recent released of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7, the customers came out with a big surprise, and they have made a record of sales that Apple has ever made. Now the people are looking for iPhone 8, and it is announced that iPhone 8 will be launched within 2017 with more various features and stylish looks as compared to other iPhone series. So, it will little early to talk about iPhone 8 release date and features.

But the craze about this iPhone is going on, and many rumors are already tickling its fans. iPhone has been become a popular Smartphone for the users all around the globe as iPhone series is designed with excellent durability, sturdy and with stylish looks which make the People very attractive. The first iPhone series was released on 2007 and iPhone 6, Phone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus has set a fire on the Smartphone market. Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the iPhone 8. So in this article, I am going to mention about iPhone 8 release date and features.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs, Features and Launch Date :


As I have already mentioned earlier that the iPhone 8 specifications are expected to enter the market with unique features, better durability, and better stylish looks. Relating the article iPhone 8 release date and features here is the features of that we can assume as per latest updates.

  • Display: As we know that the display size of the iPhone series is increasing per series. If we talk about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we saw that the screen size is 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches. So iPhone 8 is expected to come with 6 inches to 6.5 inches. As per the company news, they will keep the display size within 6.5 inches max because if the size gets increased, then it will come into a tablet category, not in a phone category.
  • Memory: It is expected that iPhone 8 will be released in different alternative memory as they have launched in the previous iPhone series. The iPhone 8 models are expected to be of 64GB variant, 128 GB variant and 256GB variant.
  • Camera: Apple iPhone 8 cameras are expected with 14 MP rear cameras and 4 Mp front cameras. But it is just an expectation it may be lesser, or it may be more, I am just telling according to the estimation. It will include with Autofocus, High Resolution, Optical image stabilization and much more.


  • RAM: The iPhone 8 is expected to be provided with 8GB RAM, and the device will become very powerful as we have already seen in iPhone 6 Plus with 3GB RAM. And in iPhone 7 the rumors has felt that it will come out with 4 GB RAM, so, therefore, it is expected that they may provide 8 GB RAM in iPhone 8.
  • Battery: As we have seen the rumors on the web that iPhone 7 is going to be launched with 2500 mAH. So, therefore, Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be provided with better battery power, or it may be similar to iPhone 7 which means the device will last for 18 hours by enabling 3G on your device. And everyone is hoping that Apple iPhone 8 will last the same even by enabling 4G on your device.
  • Operating System and Processor: Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come out with iOS 11, A10 processor which will also be upgradable to iOS 11.3.2.
  • Sensors: The sensors system of Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have with unique features which will include barometer, thermometer, SPO2, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, etc.

Price of iPhone 8:

As we have already seen the price of iPhone 7 Plus, the price varies according to the storage of the device. So, therefore, it is expected that the iPhone 8 price will be a little bit higher. The price of iPhone 8 is expected to be around 1199$ to 1599$.



In this article, I have mentioned about features of iPhone 8 and also its price. But whatever I have referred to in this article is just an expectation, if you want to know the perfect information than you have to wait a little bit for the company to say. But I hope you have got the near idea about iPhone 8 release date and features in this article. You can leave a comment in comment box right below for any queries about iPhone 8 release date and features.

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