iPhone 8 to get a revolutionary front camera: Report

While we have more than six months to go before Apple announces its next-gen iPhone model – most likely the iPhone 8, there is no denying the fact that people are already discussing the features this version of the iPhone would sport. According to a recent report released by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, the 2017 edition of the iPhone is likely to sport what he called a “revolutionary” front-facing camera and a 3D sensor. Before you brush this off as just another unverified rumour, let us also add that Kuo is known to have a great track record with predicting details about future iPhone models.

Anyway, coming back to the features on the iPhone 8, Kuo also adds that this model will not feature a touch ID panel underneath an edge-to-edge display – as suggested by a previous report. Apple he says is likely to use Face Recognition unlock capabilities for the handset for which it acquired an Israeli company – RealFace. This facial recognition technology is said to be highly accurate and is even capable of identifying identical twins and differentiating between them.

Coming back to the camera, the iPhone 8 would also feature depth sensors for the camera that use infrared technology to make depth of field calculations. The addition of this sensor would mean that the iPhone would no longer require a dual camera setup to achieve background blur. This would also help Apple create more space for other components instead of cramming in twin camera sensors onto the device.

As for the display size, the iPhone 8 might see itself getting a 5.8-inch OLED display. The home button would be replaced by a “function area” that would leave 5.2-inches of real estate for apps and the rest of the phone functions. The new iPhone could also feature a larger battery and not to mention, faster A11 chips.

All said, let us not forget that these are all unconfirmed rumours at this point of time.

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