Is LG keeping the G6 on your radar?


Mobile World Congress means a lot of new phones (and some tablets) getting the big reveal. And for the companies that can’t wait, the days leading up to the event can work as good launching off points, too. February 26 is slated to be a busy day this year, with a variety of different manufacturers prepared to pull back the curtain on their latest flagship handset.

LG is one of those companies, planning to unveil the G6 on February 26. It’s the successor to the G5, but, as we’ve seen multiple times, it will be dropping that particular handset’s biggest draw: modular design. LG is going for a more “traditional” smartphone this time around, packing a handset with top-tier features and specs.

The Life’s Good crew is also changing things up in a big way in how it prepares for the G6’s arrival — and how it prepares us, too.

In most cases, the rumor mill takes care of most of the preparation, for better or worse. If the rumors are true, and they paint the picture of an exciting phone to look forward to, then there’s that build-up leading into the big reveal. Of course, if those rumors aren’t true (which happens!) some customers might be left disappointed by the real deal.

The rumors haven’t stopped regarding the G6, and they probably won’t right up to the announcement, but LG has decided to put the majority of the upcoming phone’s fate in its own hands by refusing to let it drop out of the public’s consciousness. At least, as far as that consciousness extends to people who watch the smartphone news sphere.

LG has announced new features for the G6 on a semi-regular basis, all before officially announcing the device those features will be in. We’ve seen teases for the user interface, and have heard about the camera system. LG has confirmed the G6 will be water resistant, too, just for good measure.

LG isn’t exactly giving away all the details, but just enough to peak the interest of anyone paying attention. Or keep that interest peaked. We usually see a device get announced, and then, at some point in the future being released, without much fanfare in between. And, in the case of a new announcement, the rumor mill conducts business as usual, we get an announcement, and then it’s all quiet on that front again.

The Life’s Good crowd is doing something a bit different by confirming bits and pieces well in advance, leading up to the reveal of the clear picture in just a few days. My question to all of you is: Is it working? Should companies, as the release date nears, trickle out new features on an official basis? Or should they keep all the details secret until the big day? Let me know!

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