Jazz Up Your Android Phone’s Navigation Bar with Animations Using This Free App


On-screen software navigation buttons have been around awhile now on Android. However, throughout all these years, they haven’t evolved all that much and apart from icon updates. They look mostly the same as they did when first introduced. Fortunately, there’s a free app that will restore some life back into that boring old black bar.


The personalization app is unintuitively titled “NavBar Animations”. As the name suggests, it adds custom animations to the navigation bar. These override the default concentric ripple effect and allows you to replace it with any custom one from the available library. The most critical advantage this app holds over others is the fact that it functions without root access or the Xposed module. Hence, you can download it on just about any Android phone and have it up and be running in seconds.

The animations are still the cornerstone of this app. They are stupendous, refreshing and nothing like anything you have seen before. The application itself comes with a straightforward and jaunty aesthetic. Once enabled, you can choose from a variety of animations from collections such as “Splash”, “Stuff”, “The Clown” which is an album inspired by the clown in the movie IT, “Cosmos” and more.


Six of these fourteen categories are entirely free of cost. This, I feel, should be enough to get you started and test out the app before you decide to spend a dollar and a half for the Pro version. Another perk you benefit from by opting for the premium club is the elimination of advertisements from the app. Furthermore, you can configure aspects like the animation speed and color overlay from the settings. You can even choose whether to trigger these effects on a long-press or on a single tap on either of the three buttons.

“NavBar Animations” is undoubtedly a must-have app and takes the customization of Android to the next level. You can download it from the link down below and watch how it works by playing the video embedded at the bottom.

Play Store Link


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