Kortex attachment for Gear VR lowers stress, brings free copy of Land’s End

Gear VR users can recall the nauseating feeling and mild dizziness they experienced when trying on the headset for the first time. Some users never grow out of experiencing these mild symptoms, and some find virtual reality to be extremely relaxing when they engage it. Some, however, find that VR keeps them awake, but a new headset attachment will not only lower stress but help you relax and get some needed R&R.

The VR headset attachment released by Fisher Wallace, called Kortex, attaches to your Gear VR strap and sits in the middle of the back of the user’s head, bringing endorphins (these produce a happy feeling), melatonin (for healthy sleep), and serotonin (for mood balance) to help you relax and unwind despite the graphics and light coming from your Gear VR headset.

The Kortex VR headset attachment can be used on its own for basic relaxation apart from gaming and brings a free copy of Land’s End for those who’ll undergo a headset at bedtime. Expect to pledge at least $299 for the Kortex at Indiegogo, and wait for it patiently: you won’t get it in your hands or on your head until July 2017.

Kortex Gear VR

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