Lenovo Pays a Tribute to the Original ThinkPad with a Retro Looking Modern ThinkPad 25


Its 25 years since the first ThinkPad came out and Lenovo has decided to celebrate the occasion with an anniversary special ThinkPad 25. Lenovo has tried to give the special edition machine a retro look and thus pay the tribute to a laptop lineup that is still alive for more than two decades.


A quick look at the ThinkPad brings back certain old memories. Unlike now where in the laptops have a backlit key back then the ThinkPads came with a small light that shone from the top of the display, somewhat similar to a streetlight. However, Lenovo has decided to opt for the relatively modern bits and thus the ThinkPad 25 comes with a backlit keyboard.


The ThinkPad 25 comes with a 14-inch, 6:9 aspect ratio display at a resolution of 1920×1080. Design wise the machine resembles the earliest ThinkPad series, thanks to the rubberised back and the red TrackPad joystick. Moving on, the ThinkPad 25 comes equipped with a seven-row keyboard along with media keys. The ThinkPad logo seems to be an amalgamation of the old and the new.


Powering the retro-looking device is a seventh generation Kaby Lake i7-7500U processor along with 16GB of RAM, GeForce 940MX graphics, 512GB SSD, Thunderbolt 3, LTE, gigabit Ethernet and 3x USB 3.1. The laptop will come with facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. Priced at $1,899 the ThinkPad 25 is a limited edition and it comes with Windows 10 Pro. The laptop is rated to offer 13.9 hours of battery life and weighs at 1.64kg.

ThinkPad has sold more than 100 Million ever since it was introduced in the 1992. The laptop made headway at a time when the world drooled over floppy discs and the desktop computers were still very expensive. If you want to relive the golden day of ThinkPad buy the ThinkPad 25 before it runs out of stock permanently.

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