LG G6 Full Specifications, Release Date, Price and Features

LG is one of the well-known mobile brands also one of the top Company in the world. LG has made a grand work and gained a lot of reputation in the competitive manufacturing industry. One of their famous manufacturing products is the Smartphone. The company has launched many Smartphone in different series. One of their best series is the G series and one of their upcoming Smartphone is the LG G6.

LG is expecting their latest upcoming Smartphone LG G6 to be one of the best Smartphone in the world and this G6 is the most recent version of LG G series. There are also lots of rumors about this Specific Smartphone in the Globe. According to the latest rumors, this upcoming LG G6 Smartphone will come out with magnificent key features and quality. This fantastic device is expected to be better than the previous series. It expected the price of this Smartphone is $ 750 USD. So, here we are going to see what are the specs and features that make the LG G6 one well worth Smartphone.

Features and Specifications of Upcoming LG G6:

There are many suggested rumors of this upcoming LG G6 specs and features. According to the latest rumors, LG G6 includes a better screen display and many other specs. Let us see what the rumors have to say about the new upcoming LG Smartphone.


As LG is preparing their launch, their upcoming Smartphone G6 model with excellent features and specs now let us look into the Screen display. LG G6 is expected to come with 5.6-inch 4K display and with a 4096×2160 screen resolution. It is a blended display, and it has corning gorilla glass.


One of the interesting specs and features of this upcoming LG G6 Smartphone is the camera. This LG G6 is expected to have the rear camera of 24 MP and 7 MP front cameras. The camera also has dual LED flash and auto laser focus which is perfect high camera qualities in this price range.


Rumors suggest that the upcoming LG G6 will come with Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor. And the operating system with latest Android 6.0, this is one of the best processors in LG G-series model.


The upcoming LG G6 Smartphone also believed to come out with fantastic memory storage. Hearing the latest rumors, LG G6 is expected to have 64 or 128GB internal memory and with the expandable memory of more than 128 GB. One of the best things of this Smartphone is it has a dual micro SD card.


The company again comes to prove that they are one of the best mobile brands in the world by providing 4200 mAh in their upcoming Smartphone G6.

Expected Release Date of LG G6:

Hopefully, the new LG G6 release date is supposed to be in the 2nd quarter of 2017. So, are you ready to grab the super Smartphone and hold? This LG G6 is expected to be one of the best Smartphone in the world in this price range.

So, as we have discussed everything about the rumors, specs, features and the release date of the upcoming LG G6 Smartphone. Many people are eagerly waiting for this Smartphone in the supermarket.

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