New LG G6 teasers hint at water and dust resistance

Another day, another G6 teaser from LG.

LG today dropped a couple of new video teasers for the G6. Both clips are short, clocking in at 12 seconds and 8 seconds, and they hint that the LG G6 will be able to stand up to the elements.

LG G6 dust resistance teaser

The first clip is dubbed “Pool” and suggests that the LG G6 will offer some level of water resistance. The second video is called “Flour” and it hints that the G6 will be able to resist dust, too.

LG has previously teased that the G6 will have water resistance, and so with today’s new videos, that feature now looks like a pretty safe bet. What we still don’t know is what kind of water resistance the G6 will offer, whether it’ll be able to withstand full-on submersion or if the resistance will be slightly less. Whatever it is, it’s still good to see that the LG G6 will offer some sort of water resistance, which is becoming a must-have feature for flagship smartphones.


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