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Why it matters to you T-Mobile wants to make your next Android phone and iPhone cheaper, according to rumors. T-Mobile, the self-coined “Un-carrier,” has made a point of addressing wireless customers’ biggest pain points. Its Un-carrier Next launch saw subscribers refunded the taxes and fees they normally pay on top of... Read more
A new strain of “major scale” malware targeting macOS users is able to bypass the Gatekeeper feature that’s designed to block malicious software. The trojan, which prevents you from doing anything on your Mac until you install a bogus software update, also goes undetected by many antivirus programs. As the macOS... Read more
Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) just posted its largest quarterly user growth since 2015. But guess what: So did Instagram. Although Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) doesn’t provide quarterly updates on Instagram’s user count, it does announce major milestones. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), Instagram announced its latest milestone just a few hours after... Read more
It’s something I’ve meant to write about for a few days, and I finally got around to penning down my thoughts on why we here at SamMobile might be more skeptical and critical of the new Galaxy S8 and S8+, and of Samsung devices in general. Well, to be honest,... Read more