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Patches is Hearthstone’s most-played card since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan released
Pirates and Shaman are the current kings of Hearthstone. Hearthstone data site Viscous Syndicate has released a list of the digital card game behemoth’s most popular cards since the release of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion in early December. The new set introduced over a hundred new spells,... Read more
Apple will reportedly release a 15-inch MacBook Pro with up to 32GB of RAM in Q4
Apple later this year will fix one of the biggest issues with its latest MacBook Pro laptop — specifically the maximum amount of RAM available — according to a new report. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in a new note that in the fourth quarter of this year, Apple... Read more
5 ways AI can turbocharge modern marketing
GUEST: If you’re a marketing executive, you may feel like the ground is constantly shifting under your feet. Everything that the industry thought was a best practice ten years ago is now obsolete, buried under an increasingly mountainous pile of data. It all started simply enough with website traffic.... Read more
Baidu hires Microsoft executive Qi Lu as its new COO
Chinese search engine operator Baidu today disclosed that it has hired Qi Lu away from Microsoft to be its new group president and chief operating officer. In his new role, Lu will handle products, technology, sales, marketing, and operations. At Microsoft Lu was highly regarded, having spent nine years... Read more