Actions are the tools developers need to integrate their products into Assistant on your Google Home. Google has opened up the Actions on Google program today, and developers can now start building their own tools and conversational bots for Google Home. First seen at Google I/O 2016, the Actions... Read more
T-Mobile’s Digits brings phone calls and texts into the 21st century, but at a time when people care little about those things, will it make a difference? T-Mobile has unveiled a new service called Digits, making phone numbers less reliant on a SIM card, and expanding the simple phone... Read more
Getting your child their first phone is maybe as exciting for the parent as it is the kid. It’s also scary as hell, yeah, but part of the idea of putting a computer in their pocket is so that you can keep in touch with them as they start... Read more
Just go ahead and install all of them. You know, for fun. Google’s first Daydream headset is finally shipping to people who purchased the first Daydream phone, and are quickly finding it’s not easy to locate the whole list of Daydream apps from the Play Store. While we’ve been... Read more