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No Man’s Sky and The Witness now available on NVIDIA Shield
In case you missed it, today was the official launch of the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV set top box. Alongside the release, two independent games that got a lot of attention in 2016 have now made their way to NVIDIA Shield devices. See also:   Hands-on with the new NVIDIA... Read more
Turn your Android phone into a makeshift Nintendo Switch
The newly-unveiled Nintendo Switch is a promising idea for those looking to take their living room games out and about with them. But did you know that you’ve already been able to do something almost identical with your Android phone or tablet for a while now? All you’ll need... Read more
Top fitness trackers for your kids
In today’s modern, connected lifestyle it is pretty easy to get caught up in television, video games, and other less active forms of entertainment, but it’s important to keep moving in order to stay healthy and fit. This is equally important for young ones whose bodies are still growing... Read more
New research report claims Pixel demand still high at Verizon stores
It’s been close to three months since Verizon Wireless started selling the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. However, it appears that there is still a lot of retail demand for the Android Nougat phones even after the busy holiday shopping period of 2016 concluded. See also:   Google Pixel... Read more