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The PlayStation Plus March 2017 games lineup failed to be announced last week, with the launch of the new games to follow what happened in February.

Sony usually release their PS Plus news in the last week of the month, however, it appears more likely that fans will learn what is included on Wednesday, March 1.

News could arrive ahead of that time, although Sony followed a similar pattern in last month.

It also means that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have to wait until March 7 to download the new game, due to Sony’s PlayStation Store refresh occurring on the first Tuesday of the month.

The one bonus to this is that there is still plenty of time to download this month’s games, which include:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 – PS4
  • Not a Hero – PS4
  • Starwhal – PS3, cross buy with PS4
  • Anna — Extended Edition – PS3
  • Ninja Senki DX –  PS Vita, cross buy with PS4
  • TorqueL – PS Vita, cross buy with PS4

There have been no solid hints on what could be included, the tech giant have teased in the past that they may start to add PlayStation VR games to their lineup, although there is no indication that will start next month.

Fans can expect six games to be released for free download, two for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners.

Could Sunset Overdrive, the colourful Xbox One exclusive, see a sequel appear on PS4?

There has been no mention of a sequel to the open world third-person shooter, which racked up some impressive review scores.

Microsoft have yet to confirm anything on the subject,  Insomniac Games on the other hand have confirmed that they are not finished with it yet.

The developer behind the new Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4 has revealed they own the rights to it and could therefore greenlight something in the future.

Insomniac president, Ted Price, explained more on the possibility of a Sunset Overdrive to Game Informer, explaining: “You’d have to ask Microsoft.

“We are passionate about that franchise, and we own it, so you may see more Sunset in the future from us.

“No promises, and no timeline to speak of, but it is something that represents our willingness to create unexpected experiences.”

Insomniac Games have spoken about bringing the original to the PC platform, and are obviously keen to expand on the franchise’s solitary title.

However, as noted at the time, any chance of Sunset Overdrive coming to PC would rely on Microsoft, that wouldn’t be the case for any sequel.

Could the God of War 4 release date be announced for 2017?

That’s the question being posed from an apparent leak concerning the highly-anticipated title coming to the PlayStation 4 platform sooner than first thought.

The God of War 4 release date may have been set for 2017, according to a recently discovered Twitter mention.

Christopher Judge, the actor who will be voicing main character Kratos has the job listed in his bio.

What’s interesting is that it has the year 2017 in brackets next to it, leading some to believe God of War 4 may be with us sooner than we thought.

With the project having already been in development for a number of years, it stands to reason that a 2017 launch is possible.

But like any sideways piece of information found on the internet, there could be multiple explanations.

It’s likely that the 2017 reference is pointed to Judge performing the voice acting this year, rather than confirming a release for after E3 2017.

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