Amazon Prime members can buy the Gear 360

Samsung introduced its Gear 360 VR camera in the first quarter of last year and made customers wait for six months before it revealed when the camera will be available in the United States properly and how much it was going to cost. The Gear 360 has been available through Samsung’s retail partners since August 19, 2016 for $349 in the United States. If you didn’t pick one up because you thought it was too expensive then you might want to pay attention.

Amazon is offering a great incentive to Prime members by giving them a 35 percent discount on the Gear 360 camera. This means that this $349 product can be yours for $225.99. Now that’s an unbeatable price. The only caveat here is that you need an Amazon Prime membership in order to buy the camera at this discounted price.

Not to worry, though. If you’ve never signed up for Amazon Prime previously you can sign up for a free one-month trial right now and take advantage of this offer. You aren’t required to continue the membership after the free trial is over. If you did subscribe to Amazon Prime in the past but don’t anymore, you can just subscribe to the $10.99 monthly tier and still buy the Gear 360 at a very nice discount.

Head over to Amazon right now and buy the Gear 360 for just $225.99.

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