Report Suggests WhatsApp Might Soon Release an iPad App


After years of existence, WhatsApp might be finally working on an iPad client. A new report by WABetaInfo, a source who has a reliable record of sharing information concerning forthcoming WhatsApp features, reveals that the Facebook-owned messaging service is prepping a dedicated application for Apple’s tablet lineup.


WhatsApp had recently updated its web and desktop clients which seems to have added references to icons designed for an iPad. However, the report doesn’t mention the nature of this iPad app. There are currently two possibilities — it could either function like WhatsApp Web or as a  standalone app since iPads do support cellular connections.

If the former is true, the app will require an always-connected phone for casting messages. This, as you can tell, won’t much of a use as there are already a few wrapper apps available on the App Store that let you employ WhatsApp Web on an iPad. Of course, WhatsApp’s implementation will be a lot more reliable and come with better integrations and design. Availability details are right now unknown as well but if history is any indication, it shouldn’t take long.

WhatsApp has been aggressively bringing in a plethora of features to its messaging service as of late. A few weeks ago, the company updated the apps for allowing users to retract sent messages. Furthermore, live location sharing was recently added as well.


WhatsApp is also expected to make a big splash in the coming months with another app built exclusively for businesses. In addition to this, the messaging service will soon let users send or receive digital payments from their peers and businesses. That being said, it’s also worth pointing out that WhatsApp has suffered a couple of outages which is partly because of its ever-growing active users and partly perhaps due to their eccentric foray into various new sectors like digital payments and other business features.

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