Samsung Chromebook Pro may get up to 16GB of RAM

Samsung announced two new Chromebooks last month at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. It said that the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro have been developed in partnership with Google and that they are “Designed for Google Play” as both of them have the Play Store installed right out of the box and feature 4GB of RAM with 32GB of storage.

The Chromebook Plus features an ARM hexa-core processor whereas the Chromebook Pro has the more powerful Intel Core M3 chip. While Samsung is yet to confirm if the latter is going to be offered with even more RAM and storage, some references have been spotted in the Chromium Repositories which suggest that an 8GB variant of the Chromebook Pro could be a possibility.

The references in the Repositories suggest Samsung might offer 8GB and 16GB RAM with the Chromebook Pro at some point in the future in 4×2 and 8×2 setup. It may not make sense to ship 16GB of RAM with a Chromebook but Samsung is leaving the door open to it while many would encourage the company to at least move forward with the 8GB variant.

While the Chromebook Plus will be available this month, Samsung is yet to confirm when the Chromebook Pro is going to be released, but it did say at CES 2017 that it would be out later this spring. Pricing for the Chromebook Pro hasn’t been confirmed so far.

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