Samsung factory fire breaks out due to faulty batteries

Samsung CES 2015 booth

Samsung’s bad luck with batteries continues.

After recalling and discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 due to batteries that overheated and caught fire, a fire recently broke out at a Samsung factory. Samsung says that the fire occurred today at a Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin, China.

Samsung says that the fire happened in a part of the factory used for waste, which includes faulty batteries. Meanwhile, the local fire department says that the batteries inside the factory itself started the blaze, explaining that the “material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products.”

This is another unfortunate battery-related incident for Samsung, but the good news is that the fire was quickly put out and that there were no casualties or major damage done to the factory. Samsung will look to rebound from its battery-related Galaxy Note 7 woes with the Galaxy S8, which is rumored to be debuting on March 29.

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