Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Impact on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been on a recall mission ever since they started getting complaints that the phone was getting heated and catching fire, this has impairment the reputation and the good will the company had, though the South Korean company is still working firm to bring back the lost corporate image, however this attempt of Samsung is only leading to discontinuation.

The Samsung Galaxy note 7 is been recalled ever since they started getting a complain of the device catching fire, although the company couldn’t find the real reason behind this, they figured it out that the fault was in the batteries of the phone which was from Samsung SDI. Co.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-Recall Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Impact on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung started the recall of the device in the month of September and successfully recalled around 2.5 million units and assured all the buyers that they will provide them with new handsets but their this plan also back fired when the replaced units also failed to deliver the required performance and then they finally recalled the product and stopped the production. But no firm answers from the company yet about why the smartphone is constantly failing.

The smartphone company is yet figuring out of what went wrong with the smartphone and now has finally started to work on their new flagship smartphone Samsung galaxy S8.

Samsung galaxy s8 has already delayed their production already by 2 weeks and the phone is supposed to get launched in the year 2017. This delay has got Samsung into a rush of the production, the development team of this new flagship launch of Samsung is simultaneously working on the default that the Samsung galaxy note 7 had, which led to a delay of 2 weeks in the production of Samsung galaxy s8.

In middle of the chaos where Samsung is trying to cope up with the failure of Samsung galaxy note 7 and loss of corporate image, they also have to deal with the delay in the Samsung galaxy s8 which they had pre planned to launch in the coming Mobile world congress which will be in the month of February 2017.

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Because of this delay of two weeks there are chances that Samsung will not be able to match the deadline of this launching their new smartphone Samsung galaxy s8 in the conference and will have to delay the launch.

The Samsung galaxy note 7 recalls and the unidentified problem has not only tarnished the image of the company but also delayed their production date of Samsung galaxy s8 and pushed the date of the launch too!

Though Samsung is trying too hard to manage up with the loss and still launch the smartphone Samsung galaxy s8 on the pre decided date which is mobile congress conference in the month of February 2017 or else they have no option other than jumping on the later date for a successful launch of the device rather than facing any trouble in the device like the previous one.

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