Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 Camera and Display Features

Samsung is one of the best-selling Android phones in the market. The popular mobile brand Samsung has launched many phones which have done very well in the market. Out of many Samsung mobile, the Galaxy Note model was the best model which was loved by every Samsung users. The note is very familiar from the beginning itself because this phone comes with multiple features which are awesome like writing with a pen on your phone and many other. As there are many features of Samsung Galaxy Note model out of which Galaxy note five,  is very trending in the market just because it has got all the necessary features stuff in it.

Today I am here to tell you about both Galaxy Note 5 and which is to be a new released Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 phone is expected to release by the month of September to October, and the features of this app are also expected very high, and this phone has already got numbers of rumors. Today here you will be able to know which is the best for you whether Galaxy Note 5 or the brand new generation Galaxy Note 7. Here in this article, I am going to compare the two phones especially by its camera and display.

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 Camera and Display Features

There is nothing much in between the camera and display of this two new phones. Yes, there will be some difference between the two phones but according to me, the difference is almost negligible. So here let’s see what the difference between this two phone in its camera and its display.

Galaxy Note 5 Camera:

The camera of Samsung will always give you a good experience and will let you take pictures like a pro. As you know, the camera of Samsung has many facilities which will make you easily take pictures like a pro and also in high pixels. Tough you think that the pixel rate of Samsung is low, but I must say Samsung is always good in its camera. Here in Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you will get 5megapixel of front camera, and 16 megapixels rear with flash and this megapixel that Samsung is more than enough to take good pictures.

galaxy note

So this is all about the camera features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 so now let’s move on to the camera features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which are yet to be released.

Galaxy Note 7 Camera: 

As I have already told you, that Samsung never misses to give you the best photo experience with its extra filters. This new model of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also expected to come with more good camera features like 4K video recording, stabilizing photo contrast easily and many other. As this phone is not yet released in the market so, we can not say much about this phone because Samsung can make a change in their camera at any moment just because they love to give their customer a good Camera experience.

After reading the camera features of the two Samsung phone, according to me, I came to the conclusion that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be slightly better than Note 5. But let’s take a few look upon the display features of both the phone Note 5 and Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Display:

The display of Galaxy Note 5 is doing well with its new generation technology. As you know, every note has a minimum screen size of at least 5 inches, but this Note 5 is having screen size up to 5.70 inches. The resolution of the screen is 1440*2560 pixels which are good tp give you a high definition screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Display:

There is nothing much in the display resolution of Galaxy Note 7 as the display seems to be similar, but the screen size may increase a little bit, other than this all screen features may remain the same.



So this all the difference between the two brand new phones of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 7. I hope this will help you to choose a correct phone for you according to your requirements, though your bucks will matter but I don’t think for money you will loose such great features that you can get on your phone. Thanks for reading, if you have any problems can get a perfect solution from us in the comment section.

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