Samsung Galaxy S8 event happening March 29

Looks like we might have a date for the Samsung Galaxy S8 unveiling.

Samsung today posted a teaser for an Unpacked event on March 29. The image shows the phrase “Unbox your phone” along with the silhouette of a device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 event teaser

The Unpacked event will happen at 11:00 am ET in New York on March 29, but it’ll also be live streamed for those of us that can’t make the trip.

While Samsung doesn’t explicitly name the Galaxy S8 in this teaser, it’s certainly possible that that’s what the company is alluding to. Not only does the timing of the event line up with what we’ve heard about the GS8’s debut in the past, but the silhouette shown at the end is similar to some leaked photos of the Galaxy S8, complete with rounded display corners.

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