Samsung Galaxy S8 on-screen navigation buttons, rear fingerprint reader leak again

Samsung Galaxy S8 on-screen navigation buttons leak

Hot on the heels of a leak that gave us our first glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy S8’s on-screen navigation buttons, a new leak has surfaced that gives us our second look at the feature.

A system dump from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has leaked out, and it appears to include illustrations of a couple of new features of the Galaxy S8. First up, you can see in the image above a smartphone with on-screen Recent Apps, Home, and Back keys, which are exactly the same order as the physical keys that Samsung has used in the past. That is, the Recent Apps and Back buttons are flipped when compared to most other Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rear fingerprint reader leak

A second image shows the back of a smartphone with a large squircle for its rear camera, a flash to its left, and then a fingerprint reader to its right. That’s the exact same layout that we’ve seen on leaked Galaxy S8 units.

Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX dock leak

Finally, a third image shows off the DeX dock, which rumors have suggested is a dock accessory that’ll let you connect your GS8 to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor and use it like a desktop computer.

Nothing is official until Samsung says it is, but these leaks that hint at on-screen buttons and a rear fingerprint reader for the GS8 are starting to add up. The rear fingerprint reader looks like it’ll be the much more controversial change here, as Samsung is apparently planning to place it to the right of the rear camera instead of below it like most other fingerprint readers. That could lead to a whole lot of folks placing their finger on their phone’s rear camera thinking that it’s the fingerprint reader, but we’ll just have to wait until the GS8 launches before we make any final judgments about this fingerprint reader placement.

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