Samsung launches Secure Folder app for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Samsung’s got a new app for its flagship Android smartphones.

Secure Folder is now available for download from Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store.  As its name suggests, Secure Folder gives you a private, encrypted space on your smartphone to store data and apps of your choosing. Once created, you’ll need authentication to access a Secure Folder, which means you’ll need to verify your identity using a PIN, pattern, passcode, or biometric method.

With Secure Folder, you can also make copies of your apps and use an alternate profile. This means that if you’ve got two versions of an app, one regular and one secure, the data in the Secure Folder version will remain separate from the regular one.

Samsung Secure Folder app Galaxy S7 screenshots 1

Another feature of Secure Folder is cloud-based backup and restore. With it, you can easily migrate your secure data to a new device. And just like other secure data, your Secure Folder backup data is kept separate from other backup files.

Secure Folder is available to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge devices running Android 7.0 and up. Samsung says that support for more devices is coming soon.

Lots of people store their personal data on their smartphones because that’s one of their main computers and their lifeline to the world. That data could be easily accessible to anyone that gets their hands on your phone, but if you’ve got Secure Folder, you can prevent those people from accessing your personal data and photos.

Samsung Secure Folder app Galaxy S7 screenshots 2

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