Samsung Pay launch in India teased yet again

Samsung started teasing Samsung Pay for India several weeks ago. Recent firmware updates for some of the compatible devices like the Galaxy Note 5 include the Samsung Pay app which is a big indication that the official launch is not that far off. A recent report claimed that American Express will be Samsung Pay’s launch partner in India and that the company will explore partnerships with Visa and MasterCard as well.

The Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Pay app is now displaying a tutorial of sorts to users in India which confirms that “soon you’ll have safe and simple mobile payments available virtually anywhere.” It highlights the fact that Samsung Pay can be used at almost all retail locations and that paying is as easy as pulling out the phone, swiping up on the screen to launch, holding the phone close to the payment terminal and then authorizing the payment using the fingerprint sensor. “Samsung Pay is Almost Here,” the app says, users will receive a notification on their phone automatically when Samsung Pay becomes available in the country.

We did report exclusively a couple of months back that Samsung Pay will be launched in India in the first half of 2017 and the launch appears to be on track right now.


Thanks, Jayanti!

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