Samsung Sent a Company-wide Email to Workers to be more Secretive

As soon as after the release of Galaxy Note 7, the Samsung Company was planning to launch new series of Galaxy that is Galaxy S8. But before the initial release date of Galaxy S8, the information and strategy of Galaxy S8 has been leaked all over the World. Samsung has been trying to crack down about the leaked information and they have sent an email to all the executives and employees as well. This email was immediately leaked in a news paper and also in the internet.

galaxy-s8-latest-info Samsung Sent a Company-wide Email to Workers to be more Secretive

You also need to know this; Samsung had allegedly tried to bribe a man to keep a secret about a Galaxy Note 7. According to the Korea Herald, the email reminded all the employees that due to leaks of any information of a company can cause a great loss for the company, financial risk of the company and also it may leads to break down of a partnership along with a trust.

In the past few weeks, Samsung has been facing a lot of problem about the leaking of information about the company. Before releasing the Galaxy Series Note 7, the information has already leaked and lots of rumours have flown all over the world. Now the same matter is happening for the upcoming Galaxy 8 Smartphone. Due to this leaked in information, the Samsung Company could not bring any surprise to the users when the model is finally released.

Not only this, due to the leaks of information of Galaxy 8 Smartphone, Samsung will not be able to do a perfect launch which will also leads to minimize the profit and as well as publicity too. Same thing was happened with the Apple’s iPhone 7, the information of iphone 7 was so heavily leaked in advance that nothing was surprised when the iPhone 7 was really released.

Now the Samsung Company has been trying to manage in order to avoid any major information about the Samsung Galaxy 8. But as the launching date is getting closer day by day, the information has been getting leaked in advance. So therefore, it’s going to take a lot of clever work in order to make sure that nothing gets leaked about the information of upcoming galaxy series that is Samsung Galaxy S8. So it’s better for the Samsung Company that they doesn’t send any kind of circular email about the photos of Samsung Galaxy S8.

As Samsung has sent an email to the company by telling the employees and executives to be more secretive about the information and strategy of the Company but this is not going to help. The main thing is that the employees or the executives whoever is working in that Samsung Company needs to be very loyal first of all.

They also need to be very truthful and they also need to think themselves that they are very trustworthy persons, only then this Company can come on the top rank and will be able to compete with the other Companies. So it depends all upon the employees who is working on the Samsung Company whether they are loyal to their Company or not.

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