Samsung sued by Technicolor over alleged patent infringement

Samsung has been hit with another patent infringement lawsuit but it’s not Apple on the other side this time around, it’s France’s Technicolor. The media and entertainment technology leader has filed several patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung Electronics in Germany and France. The lawsuits concern several Samsung products including mobile phones and televisions. The French company claims that Samsung has infringed on ten of its patents related to video coding, telecommunications and other technologies.

The lawsuits have been filed with the Regional Courts in Dusseldorf and Mannheim in Germany as well as the First Instance Court of Paris in France. It appears that Technicolor and Samsung tried to solve this dispute through negotiations which fell through because Technicolor notes in its press release that “After extensive negotiations to reach a fair agreement, the Group is now taking action to protect itself and defend the value of its intellectual property.”

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