Samsung’s smartwatch market share stood at 15% during 2016

Samsung was one of the first big-name brands to enter the smartwatch market, and it released some great smartwatches over the past few months. However, the company’s efforts still did not land it the first place in the global smartwatch market. According to an estimate from market research firm Canalys, Samsung stood third in the smartwatch market share during 2016.

As per the reports, Apple managed to sell 11.9 million smartwatches last year, resulting in a market share of 49%. Fitbit (with 17% market share) and Samsung (with 15% market share) stood second and third, respectively. We reviewed the Gear S3 classic and the Gear S3 frontier from Samsung and came up pretty impressed. The company is expected to push the sales of its smartwatches this year, which might increase its market share.

Global Smartwatch Market Share Q4 2016 Canalys

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