Smartphone sales in India grew by 5.2 percent in 2016: IDC

International Data Corporation (IDC) has released its result of smartphone sales in India, and according to it, there has been a 5.2 percent increase in smartphone sales in 2016 compared to the previous year, with a shipment of 109.1 million handsets in 2016.

As per the company’s data, 25.8 million handsets were shipped to India in Q4 2016, which was similar to what it was during the same period the previous year i.e Q4 2015. However, when compared with the results of the previous quarter, i.e Q3 2016, there was a sharp decline, precisely of 20.3 percent. The reasons for this are said to be many: from the demonetization drive that gripped the nation in December to the decline in sales post the festive season in November.

Interestingly, the increase in sale of smartphones in 2016 is said to have very little to do with migration of feature phone users to smartphones. “Feature phone to smartphone migration has slowed down as prices of smartphones are still quite high for a feature phone user,” said Karthik J, Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC.

A huge chunk of this increase in sales, however, can be attributed to the penetration of Chinese manufacturers into the Indian market, many of whom have seen increasing popularity in the country. In Q4 2016, Chinese vendors had a whopping 46 percent share of total smartphone sales, which is said to have doubled from the previous year. In contrast, the share of Indian manufacturers in the total smartphone sales is said to have slipped to 19 percent.

Samsung is said to lead the pack with 25.1 percent of total sales. This comes despite a 13.1 percent decline compared to the previous quarter. However, the company is said to have recorded an increase of 3.2 percent year-on-year. Surprisingly, Xioami which entered the Indian market only two years back, has managed to claim the second spot with 10.7 percent sales, and a 15.3 percent increase from the previous year. Lenovo came in third and Oppo was at the fifth spot with 8.6 percent sales.


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