T-Mobile to offer free line of service with new promotion

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T-Mobile’s newest promotion is coming soon.

Starting March 1, T-Mobile customers with at least two voice lines will be able to add an another line to their account for free after bill credits. The free line can be an additional voice line, a tablet, a smartwatch, or even a SyncUp Drive.

The free line that you add will match your current paid voice data line. If you’ve got varying amounts of data, the free line will match the line with the least amount of data.

This promo is open to T-Mobile One, Simple Choice, and Simple Choice No Credit customers. Small business customers with up to 11 lines can get in on the action, too. However, customers canceling a line after January 1, 2017, aren’t eligible.

Customers that take advantage of this promo can keep their free line as long as they’re on an eligible T-Mobile plan and in good standing, or until they make changes to their plan.

Finally, this promo stacks with T-Mobile’s current deal that offers two T-Mobile One lines for $100 per month, which means that you could get three lines of T-Mobile One for $100 per month.

T-Mo says that its new deal will be offered anywhere that T-Mobile offers new lines of service.

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