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Sony’s New 3-Layer Stacked CMOS Sensor Allows for 1080p at up to 1,000FPS

Sony’s may be struggling to sell as many smartphones as they have in the past, but their image sensors are used in some of the best smartphones available today. Sony established the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation back in 2015 with a focus on its image sensors. The subsidiary does manufacture additional products but it’s the camera sensors that we’ve come to know …

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Sony’s new camera sensor can shoot 1080p video at 1000fps

Everything is cooler in slow motion. While Sony’s smartphone division isn’t doing so hot on the sales front, Japanese company is continuing to innovate behind the scenes. Today, Sony they’ve developed the industry’s first 3-Layer stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM for smartphones, which is capable of capturing images of faster moving object as well as shooting 1080p video at …

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